Development History


Mr. Leung Tin Cheung, the founder of our Company, came to Hong Kong in 1948. He entered the construction industry by the introduction of his family and started to learn plaster works. Afterwards, he started his own business and founded “Cheung Kee Plastering & Engineering Limited”(祥記泥水工程公司). 


In the 1970s, there were large and small companies engaging in plastering works in the market. In order to establish a strong foothold among peers and not to be eliminated by reality, Mr. Leung Tin Cheung understood that “quality is the principle of quantity”, only the best quality would help the company to win the most important reputation, which was integrity. Therefore, since the early 1970s, all employees of the Company committed to the principles of “sincerity” (sincere), “trustworthy” (commitment), “professionalism” (professional), “virtuousness” (character) and “righteousness”  (responsible) under the leadership of Mr. Leung Tin Cheung, which won the trust in the industry and laid a solid foundation for undertaking larger projects in the future. 

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In the 1980s, Hong Kong was in its golden age of economic takeoff with opportunities lying everywhere. In 1980, Mr. Leung Kin Shing seized the opportunities and left his father’s company and establish his own plastering company, which was a company undertaking plastering works from Leung Tin Cheung and third parties. In 1985, the company was formally licensed by the government and registered as a contractor which was a company undertaking construction works and specializing in superstructure works, such as apartments, office buildings and factories. Mr. Leung Kin Shing integrated “sincerity”, the principle of his father Mr. Leung Tin Cheung, into the name of his company and named as “Cheung Shing Construction and Engineering Co., Ltd.” (翔誠建築工程公司).